Frequently Asked Questions

What's in my DoggyStash?

We are not going to spoil the surprise, so each month that's exactly what your furry friend will get. We can tell you that it will contain healthy treats made from natural yummy ingredients they will ruv as well premium fun toys (and maybe occasional accessories)  and will definately be packed full of dogcitement!

When and what is the 'Cut off Date'?

The 'Cut off Date' is the last date you can order the next  DoggyStash. This is the last day of each month before the next DoggyStash is due to ship. Orders placed after this date will receive their DoggyStash the following month.

When will my DoggyStash ship?

Your DoggyStash will be shipped approx 5th of each month 

When will I be rebilled?

If you subscribe monthly  then your subscription will be renewed/rebilled on the 15th of each month and your next DoggyStash will be shipped approximately the 5th of the following month. This renewal/rebilling will continue each month unless you cancel. If you prepay upfront for a longer subscription then you will not be rebilled again until after your last  DoggyStash has been received and then you will be rebilled for the same length subscription on the 15th of that month unless you cancel beforehand.

Will I be charged extra for shipping?

No! The shipping costs are included in all of our plans so the price you see is the price you pay, there are no hidden extras.

Can I order a DoggyStash subscription as a gift for someone else?

 You certainly can you lovely person! You can order a DoggyStash subscription as a gift for someone else's furry friend and give them The Life of Riley for Dogs. Delivered.  Simply click the gift option when you check out and fill out the recipients details.. You will have the opportunity to leave a personalised message which we will add to their first box.   

Is it easy to cancel?

Aww look at their sad little face before you do! But seriously if you do need to cancel you simply login to your account and cancel from there.  (You can do this anytime but make sure it's before the 15th if you're on a monthly subscription, otherwise you will be rebilled again and will receive the next DoggyStash. If you have prepaid for a longer plan you can cancel anytime before your next renewal but you will still receive all the boxes you paid for. 

Please note that it is your responsibility to cancel if you wish to do so, and not ours so please do not contact us to ask us to do it as sometimes emails get missed.

I have a coupon code, how do I use it?

Woof! Lucky you! They're easy to use. When you order and get to the checkout simply enter your coupon code in the box provided and the checkout will update the price to pay (if any)

How do I update my personal details?

Login to your account and you can update any of your details eg. if you need to change your shipping address, credit card details etc.

Do you support dog related charities /causes?

Yes we most certainly do! One of our prime reasons for starting DoggyStash is so that we can give something back for all the joy and love that our dogs have given us, to those less fortunate. At least 10% of our profits will go to helping Shelters , Rescues and other deserving dog related causes.

Ready to get your DoggyStash?

 Want to make your dog happy AND be part of something bigger? Then join us in helping to make a difference to those dogs less fortunate than ours and help them to benefit from the dogcitement that is DoggyStash.